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Lapidary Service


With our expertise and in-depth knowledge of each gemstones, we effectively cut your gemstones to perfection 


What make us a leader of gemstones cutting ? With our in-depth knowledge of the each characteristic of gemstones' nature, our experts start their cutting by making analysis of each rough stone considering how to optimize the natural light of each rough stones. The expert then pursue their analysis of how to facet the stones to ensure enabling the best features of each gemstones taking into account its color, clarity, hardness and weight. This is also related to the degree of surface polishing to achieve the ultimate goal of providing luster of  gemstones' appearance to best reflect the way of light from its surface.  Futhermore, our experts also ensure effectively cut the gemstones to produce the gems' interference by having internal refelection of spectral light of structure within each gemstones. Our experts take best care of your rough stone and gaurantee minimize lost of your stones to maximize valuable gemstones for you. Our key success is our expertise to enable the lapidary art and gemologist knowledge translate into your extinquite gemstones. 

Heart Shaped Fancy-Cut Garnet
Alexandrite Cat's Eye-Chabochon cut
Lemon Quartz in Oval Mixed-cut
Ruby in oval chabochon cutting
Zircon in round cutting
Marquise Fancy-Cut
Topaz in step cutting with octagon
Amethyst in pear Shape
Peridot in oval mixed cut
Topaz with brioiettle shape cutting
Quality Assurance gems
Rough Gemstones
rough gemstones
Rough gemstones
Gemstone cutting
Lapidary tool
Gems measurement
Gems lapidary
Gems polishing
Gems quality control
Gems polishing

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