Venice of The East

Gems & Jewelry 

Venice of the East Gems & Jewelry, Co. Ltd is joining business with Thai Gems Lapidary Community enterprise of Pravet District. We  are exporter, retailer and wholesaler of precious and semi-precious gemstones and fine jewelry located in Thailand.
Our products include premium quality gemstones and fine jewelry. Our service include loose gems sourcing service, lapidary service and custom made jewelry and special design of fine jewelry. 

Our values


The art of gems has been part of the Thai exquisite culture. We stirve to share and heritage this valuable art and knowledge to  support the growth of our Thai community. 

For more than 30 years of our geomologists' expertise, we had long experience starting from sourcing rough stones from serveral mines around the world. Our gemstones cutting skill and knowledge are world class standard. 

Our products are well known and have been exceeded customers' satisfaction from all around the world. Our strengths include our reliable and trust of authentic source of gems with excellent lapidary skill set ensuring the best product delivered to customers with high quality of color, cut, and clarity. Our products have been verified by successful customers from all around the world with the guarantee of our world class standard such as Hong Kong, Japan, United States of America, Swizertland, Italy, United Arab Emirated, etc.

Furthermore, we are part of the Thai community and responsible to support Thai societies. We ensure sharing geomology knowledge and the art of gems to grow our Thai communities.


Our Commitment


We are committing to exceed customers' satisfaction, support community and caltivate the art of gems as part of Thai exquisite culture.  

We commit to deliver your valuable items with exceed your expectations. We commit to share support to the community and we commit to caltivate the art of gems as part of Thai exquisite culture