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Located next to "Prawet Burirom" canal in Bangkok, Thailand

"Venice of the East" is normally referred to Bangkok city which is known for its great meandering canals, history, and rich culture. That made Bangkok attracts tourists from around the world throughout the year.

Venice of the East Gems and Jewelry outlet factory is located by the Prawet Burirom canal on the east of Bangkok.  "Prawet Burirom Canal" was excavated in 1878 at the command of King Rama V with the benefit of transportation, trading and agriculture. "Prawet Burirom" means "canal that leads to the delightful city". Residing in traditional Thai houses particular to the central region, thounsands of households occupied the land along the canal. In many communities along the canal, traditional artisanship and local wisdom have persisted to the present day including gems cutting, embroidery and dessert making.


You are invited to visit our outlet factory by Prawet Burirom canal. You will enjoy the boat ride along the canal see how your valuable gemstone gots cut.  You will also enjoy learning the art of gemstone cutting from our experts. The most important part, you will have your own experience of your selected gems cutting. Eventually,You will also get to see the Thai traditional communities on both sides of the canal along the canal which are diverese while there is harmonious coexistence among people who have different religious, traditions, arts, cultures and way of life.

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Note : * Boat fee will be applied only visiting via canal .

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