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T H E  T R E A S U R E R


is the most important factor for Ruby

Check out our natural vivid piegon blood color rubies from Myanmar 



The King of Gemstones

Our rubies include calibrated and free sizes of all shapes and sizes. With long history of our experience specialists, we offer best quality and valuable single pieces of your ruby gemstones.  All of our rubies are passed sophisticated gems grading classification by our gemologists.  


To ensure that you have got the right gemstones, we  are also ensure offering quality certificates for our gemstones to guarantee that all our rubies are natural authentic and of high quality as per customers requirement.

Ruby from Myanmar is famous for its exceptional coloring. The most famous and preferred color is  “Pigeon Blood Red” color.  Our rubies are mainly coming from Myanmar and some from Mozambique. Just let us know what you are looking for in term of size, color, shape and price range in all requirement, we could guarantee your satisfaction !! 



Top Color with clarity and excellent cutting



Because it's all certified



We are the best source of natural ruby

4.06 Carats Pinkesh Natural Ruby

Natural Ruby
Natural Ruby Pigeon Blood color

Venice of the East Gems & Jewelry Co.,Ltd

2.02 Carats Pigeon Blood Natural Ruby

Natural Pigeon Blood Ruby

We have a lots more than what you see in this page, so tell us your requirement and make an enquiry for wholesale price deal.

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* Please provide us with size, shape, color and budget range. We will ensure present you the products according to your requirements

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