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Birthstone for July : Celebrate July with a Pigeon Blood Ruby

Born in July? Then you're a ruby person – passionate, fiery, and full of life!  What better way to celebrate your birthstone than with a stunning piece of Pigeon Blood Ruby jewelry from Venice Of The East Gems and Jewelry

Our exquisite collection features ethically sourced Pigeon Blood Rubies, known for their mesmerizing deep red color, set in fine, solid recycled gold.  These aren't just trends, they're heirlooms – crafted with generations of expertise by our skilled Thai artisans.

Here's why you'll love Venice of The East Gems and Jewelry

  • Fiery Beauty: Own the captivating fire of a Pigeon Blood Ruby.

  • Ethical Choice: Feel good knowing your jewelry is responsibly sourced.

  • Timeless Design: Invest in pieces that will never go out of style.

  • Generations of Quality: Our jewelry is built to last, a legacy to pass on.

  • Giving Back: Support Thai artisans and the art of jewelry making.

More than just jewelry, it's a statement.  Find your perfect ruby match and embrace the fire within – visit


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