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How to buy a Natural Pigeon Blood Ruby

Ruby is considered as one of the top level in gemstone. The world best origin of ruby is Myanmar or Burma in the present. It’s been 800 years that Mogok district has been producing significant ruby to the gemstone market, by unique geological conditions, it’s one of the reason why this area can produce the gorgeous gems and its color. Ruby that can be classified as the best quality in the world are those that are vivid red or pigeon blood red which is called pigeon blood red ruby. Quality ruby comes with consistent color, not too dark or too light. The most famous shades are vivid red and pinkish red but if there is too much purplish red, the ruby might be dark and not that sparkling. Ruby should be seen in the natural light or white light when you want to buy it because the light is the matter when buying the stone and orange light is not recommended; the orange light might get the gemstone looks more vivid or darker than reality.

By the natural of ruby, there are imperfections and inclusions that sometimes can be seen easily by eyes. The common marks that always be found are fingerprint, crystal, needles and minute particles. It’s a must to put your effort on using loop to check on gemstones in order to make sure that it’s an authentic natural one. If you find a ruby that is too vivid and clear, be aware that it may be a synthetic ruby, cubic zirconia glass, or plastic. Also, be careful of other gemstones with the same red color, such as red garnet, red spinel.

Ruby always has marks naturally. It’s hard to fine the cleanest one. Before buying, you have to choose marks that not interrupt the sparkle, not too dim. The gemstone surface should not have any scratches or erode.


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