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Custom Made Jewelry Process

Are you wondering how your ring got made ? Well, we think you might be interested to know a brief process of custom made process of your valuable jewelry.

Step 1 : Design - The first step is to start with the design of your custom make jewelry. Jewelry designer will translate an idea of sketch to design. The final design is the result of close cooperation between designer and craftsman giving the art object a real hand crafted origin. The designer concept and drawings are used by the model maker to create the original piece of jewelry.

Step 2 : Wax Creation - This step turns the sketch into a master mold which sets the base for the total process there from. The master mold is a very complex level of crafting as the final outcome rests on the master mold. More organic jewelry pieces will often be hand carved. For technical pieces that require a wealth of precise detail, three-dimensional modeling using software is often used in the industry. The item can be built and modified in the computer, and then a three dimensional mill will create a to-scale version of the final piece. Wax is used primarily because it retains its shape during the moulding process, and therefore produces excellent results. .

Step 3 : Casting - Once you have the wax piece completed, the next step is to cast the piece in metal. The wax is then heated out of the plaster mold, leaving a cavity in the plaster that is the exact design of the previous wax piece. Then, molten metal is cast into the plaster cavity and allowed to cool. This is a process known as “lost wax” casting – because the original wax model will be destroyed in the casting process.

Step 4 : Filing Precious Metals Filing is used in jewelry making to remove excess metal, even out surfaces, smooth or to shape, form and texture pieces.

Step 5 : Setting - This is the fitting of gemstones and diamond into the finished pieces of jewelry. Before setting the gemstone into the ring, they needed to be carefully selected to ensure the best gems are used.

Step 6 : Polishing - The jewelry piece is given a final polish – eliminating any minor scratches that are still remaining. The ring is now surgically cleaned, eliminating any oils or residue from the jeweler’s hands and from the polishing compounds used.

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